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The Activate Your Neighbourhood Tactical Guide supports two important initiatives in Nova Scotia.

Let’s Get Moving Nova Scotia

For the province of Nova Scotia, the AYN Tactical Guide aligns with and supports Let’s Get Moving Nova Scotia, An action plan for increasing physical activity in Nova Scotia. Specifically, the Tactical Guide supports the following four (of five) goals and actions:

  • Goal 1: Redefine Movement — the Tactical Guide can help Nova Scotians think about movement within their own neighbourhoods. Focusing on neighbourhoods means having opportunities right outside one’s door, at times convenient to each person. It encourages people to find and use the assets that neighbourhoods offer, rather than seeking distant spaces and places.
  • Goal 3: Advance Quality Community Leadership — the Tactical Guide aligns with all the actions listed in this goal, including offering supportive physical and social environments.
  • Goal 4: Enhance Opportunities and Address Inclusion — the Tactical Guide provides ways in which to look at each neighbourhood through the lenses of equity, diversity, inclusion, access, age, community size/type and characteristics.
  • Goal 5: Measure Progress — the pilot-test will include the implementation of an evaluation to determine its relevance, uptake and other metrics associated with awareness, knowledge, attitudes and to some extent (in the period allotted), behaviour change.

Make Your Move

In an effort to create a culture where movement is part of Nova Scotians’ daily lives, the Healthy Tomorrow Foundation created Make Your Move, a public engagement and awareness campaign that encourages Nova Scotians to move more throughout the day. The campaign inspires less-active people to think about movement differently by recognizing that small bouts of movement during the day are an easy way to increase overall physical activity and improve overall health and wellness.