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Activate Your Neighbourhood: Repurpose, Rethink, Reimagine!

Once you know who and what your neighbourhood is all about, you can decide on your next steps. Here are seven tactics for activating your neighbourhood:

  1. Naturalize
  2. Activate
  3. Culinize
  4. Spectacalize, Festivalize and Eventify
  5. Aestheticize
  6. Convivialize
  7. Whimsicalize and Gamify

Each of the tactics contains activities, marked with specific symbols, that you can use based on the following:

How I can be active and social in my neighbourhood

Solo Effort icon

Reimagine and repurpose the spaces and places in your neighbourhood to help you move more and be social. There are many no-cost ideas such as simply going for a walk. You can also use the curbs on the street to boost and add a little balance to your walk or use local playground equipment as your outdoor gym.

How I can support my neighbours to be active and social

Support My Neighbours icon

Rethink how you can implement these small-scale activities in your neighbourhood spaces to help your neighbours be more active and socially connected. For example, why not start a vegetable garden in your front yard for all to contribute to and then enjoy the fruits (or vegetables) of your collective labour? Start a stair climbing club in your apartment building, or yarn bomb the trees all around your townhouse complex.

How neighbours, together, can create an active and social neighbourhood

Group Collaboration icon

Enable and empower your neighbours to plan and implement tactical placemaking together. We’ve included some larger-scale activities, some requiring additional costs, that you and your neighbours can plan together to create places to build community, be active, and foster positive social interaction. For no to low cost, host a porch festival and invite neighbours to showcase their talent while others stop by to enjoy the festivities, or organize a pop-up movie night. With a bit more investment, close off the street and host a winter wonderland street party or decorate an alley or other unused space.

How I can identify which activities are physically active or how to add movement to the activity

Active icon

The running shoe symbol beside the title of the activity means it involves physical activity. If you don’t see a running shoe beside the title, look below the description and you will find ideas about how to make the activity more active.